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Welcome to the World of Positive Change!

I can be happy every day, no matter what is happening in my life!

Do you believe this statement? When life is challenging, positive thinking may sometimes seem impossible. But happiness is a state of mind, open to anyone who wants it.

What exactly is a coach? Well, there are different types – Sport Coach, Leadership Coach, Management/Business Coach, a Life Coach, and other types. Many individuals say they are a coach but have never committed to any training. Selecting a coach that is certified is important.

A Certified Life Coach has had professional training and practice. They have the tools, skills, and techniques to successfully enhance their client’s lives. By integrating them with the client: actions and risks are supported, confidence increases, and questions are answered. Over one million people worldwide have already successfully utilized these tools and techniques. One of my clients wrote:

 “Melanie, your coaching has been a valuable experience for me. Your common sense and tender-hearted guidance sprinkled with Tough Love have helped me very much!”
J. New Mexico

Everyone has hidden perceptions, beliefs, expectations, and assumptions that are made during their lifetime, many of them during childhood. Through Life Coaching these and other issues are addressed:

  • Life Coaching is powerful
  • Create a flexible, creative mind-set that rejects negativity and embraces happiness
  • Stop depending on others or the conditions of your life to make you happy
  • Help release any fears and anxieties
  • Supports you in accepting awareness, new perspectives, responsibility, and joy
  • Positive changes in your life begin to emerge
  • You become more secure, empowered, and balanced living your life
  • Take responsibility for your success with the guidance of your Life Coach

Becoming who you are now took time. Change also takes time.

Warning: Investing in yourself may result in remarkable changes and impact your future!

Commit to making a positive change in your life and experience happiness every day.

All coaching sessions and workshops are confidential and non-judgmental.


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